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Admit What You Can't Do - Hence We Are Under Construction

You learn a lot when you open your own business, especially if you’re entering into a new field you aren’t familiar with. It’s pretty easy to let your ego take charge. So the important thing to always keep in the back of your mind is that sometimes what you are learning is in fact that you aren’t the expert, and you should seek out some help. 

Our site when we launched it, coupled with our advertising, was generating visits. We were quite happy with our traffic. But we weren’t that happy with the conversions into sales. 

All the information you need about how to optimize Google and Facebook Ads is out there for you. It’s just a matter of finding it, and more importantly, having the time to read it! We monkeyed with a few things; a tweak here, a change there, to try and get our conversion rate up. 

But it still wasn’t generating us the results we were seeking. It was time for help. We admitted it quickly.

So we started a search for an agency that could help us with our advertising. We figured that was a good place to start in order to generate more sales.

So we looked. We wanted to make sure we found a company that had similar values to us. But they also had to want to cater to a smaller company just starting out. Namely, we weren’t going to be a large and lucrative account. Not at first anyhow. 

We considered this a priority so we narrowed it down real quick. After an introductory phone call, we decided to let them in and take a look at what we had built and were trying to do. 

It’s funny how where you start is not always necessarily the place you needed to start at. It was pretty obvious to our agency partners once they started to dive into our operations that while our advertising could certainly be improved, the biggest improvement was elsewhere and needed to happen first. 

We had conceived and designed our website ourselves. All things considered we were pretty proud of it! But after a lengthy in-detail conversation with our new partners, it was obvious we needed to overhaul the site. 

One thing I think we do pretty well is being self-aware. We knew that web development wasn’t our strength. But initially starting from scratch we elected to do it ourselves. But now that things were rolling, we were open to a discussion on what we had built. 

Putting aside any emotional connection to the product we had created, we gave free reign to our new partners to come up with something different. We’re pretty excited at the how the project is turning out! 

When you compare the old to the new, you’ll see exactly what we mean! During this transition phase we’ve kept a pretty low profile. Partly because our time and resources were being put into the overhaul, but also because we wanted to make sure that what we put out there is congruent with the new creative direction.

We can’t wait for you to see the new site. It’s going to be visually far more appealing, easier to navigate, and will showcase our product and mission in a whole new, exciting way. We are very excited.

And to boot, the new site, creative direction and advertising initiatives are being handled by a kick-ass team of women who truly embody what FEM Apparel is all about at their own agency. It’s a perfect match. 

So you see, sometimes you have to know what you don’t know. And be able to ask for help. Focus on your strengths, and let others do that which you can’t. Stay tuned! Soon we’ll get to show you. We can’t wait!

As always, thank you for reading! Much love to you all! ❤️❤️

FEM Apparel Ltd.


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