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Greta Thunberg - Person of the Year

Time Magazine has announced their Time Person of the Year. They have selected Greta Thunberg. That is a remarkable achievement for a teenager. What makes it even more interesting is that she is a young woman. 

Greta's story to fame is an interesting one. You get the sense she never really wanted the spotlight. But we also can't help but wonder how did she expect to not get it? 

There is an argument that has been voiced online that considering her age, and the resources she has had available to her at her age, that she is essentially being managed (perhaps by her parents), to act as the public face of a larger, or older, groups mission. 

To which we state: so what? 

Does it really matter if Greta isn't acting entirely on her own accord? Does it matter if when she goes seemingly off script the polished veneer of her statements loses its smoothness? Indicating perhaps her speeches and rallying cries have been written and finessed by others?

No. Absolutely not. Greta handles herself with a level of maturity and confidence that few adults have, never-mind teenagers. If it is in fact true that she is acting on behalf of others, she is doing a fine job of it. 

Every cause, belief and goal needs to have a face to the title. Greta is providing the face, and acting as the lightning rod, for an entire generation of young people who will be inheriting the mess their forefathers created. 

She is setting the example of how to handle criticism and mockery from the highest of levels (POTUS anyone...). Therein lies a fantastic example for all teenagers. 

And therein lies the most fantastic of examples for young girls/women everywhere. 

Greta is showing them that if you believe in something, and if you have just enough support from those around you, that you too can have a voice and make a difference. 

There is no shame or folly in having a strong support group around you. If Greta is being coached, or assisted, but she's doing what she is wanting to do, there is zero shame in that. 

Very few people ever make it in this world 100% on their own. Everyone needs someone at some point. Greta is showing young women everywhere what humility, healthy self-deprecation, strength of conviction and belief can help you achieve whatever you want. 

It is doubtful she ever set out with the goal to be Time Person of the Year. And the lesson isn't for young women to set that goal. The lesson we can all learn from Greta, is that pure passion and belief in what you are doing, will always be more powerful than the words and actions of your detractors. 

It's love and kindness over hate and anger. We talk about that a lot on our social channels. She is embodying that message for young women everywhere to learn. 

And if she's doing it with the help, coaching and direction of someone else, there's nothing wrong with that. Lots of people could do well to perhaps listen to a mentor or two instead of believing they know all the answers themselves. 

Congratulations, Greta. And to all the young women out there, we can't wait to see what you come to achieve in the coming decades. And if you are at all motivated by what Greta has done, that's as good a motivator as we can think of. 

Much love,

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