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The Challenge of New Product

We launched with a very simple product line-up. We have three t-shirts in two colours. Each shirt has three different sayings, or slogans. So that's six combinations. Then from there we offer them in four sizes: S- XL.

Inventory complexities build up very quickly in a short period of time! Now we're looking to diversify. The challenge is with what. 

We're constantly trying to figure out what it is our audience would like. Obviously as a small start-up the simpler we can make things, the easier it is for us on a management side. 

We have plenty of ambition and ideas, but we need to scale up appropriately . So now that we've been operational for a little bit, we want to grow our portfolio. 

The initial ideas are to go with hoodies and leggings. Both are very popular casual wear items. But from that, what do we choose from a labelling stand-point? 

Next, what do we do with colours? Although the monochromatic choices of white and black are singularly appealing for their simplicity and timelessness, we recognize people might like some colour! 

We're currently working with our manufacturer to come up with some new options. We're hoping to have it sorted in the next little while and then we can get some new material up for you guys to see! 

Feedback is always welcome and the best guide is what your wallet ends up telling us. But we're also thinking beyond clothing. 

We have ideas for hats, water bottles etc. We want to provide people with the option to show their empowerment mindset with many things, not necessarily just a shirt or sweatshirt! 

So while we grow please let us know if there is something you'd like to see. We're all ears and would love your feedback! 

Much love and thank you for reading and supporting us!

FEM Apparel


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