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Why FEM Apparel - Part #1

Full disclosure; one half of FEM Apparel is run by a white male. Perhaps to some it would seem odd that would be the case. But that's unfortunate. Men are perhaps moreso than women, responsible for the inclusion and equality of females. We firmly believe the world would be a better place with gender equality and the empowerment of women to levels equal that of their male peers. 

The motive, or motivation, behind the original concept are the two young girls that are a part of the co-founders lives. Second to that, is the experience of the female co-founder of the company as she has risen through the system of a male-dominated industry. 

With history always seemingly set to repeat itself, alongside simply the reality women experience in work and society, the desire to help with change is strong. Watching the two young girls in our lives and knowing what they may encounter as they grow and carve their own path in life, we wanted to create something that helps bring attention to the issue.

Certainly there is a financial aspect to this as well. But our aim is to take some of that gain and pour it back into the causes we are fighting for: gender equality and female empowerment. 

Right now we are working with charities to help us in that goal. $1 from every item purchased will be donated back. However, the longer-term goal is to create a foundation that we can manage and leverage and bring critical thinkers and people of action to the table that can help us make a real lasting impact for generations to come.

It's a lofty goal; but one well worth it. We thank everyone in their support of the mission! 

We also believe that men need to be at the sharp end of the stick on this change. As a man involved in a company dedicated to female empowerment, it could be a slippery slope. I freely admit I see things through a white privileged man's eyes in North America.

But the goal is to expand both my own understanding and scope, and that of other men as well. If we can grasp that through the inclusion and empowerment of females, and by promoting gender equality, our society will greatly benefit, then we can be part of the solution, not the problem. And ignorance and apathy is part of the problem as much as willful sexism and misogyny. 

If slip ups occur, and something is posted or said with a decidedly male bent that is perhaps not acceptable; let us know. We'll use the lesson as a teaching point for all. Together we can make a difference in the promotion of gender equality and female empowerment. 

Much love,

FEM Apparel

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