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Clare Knox - Founder of SEE HER THRIVE

Clare Knox is a Business Psychologist, Founder of SEE HER THRIVE and Board Director at the International Association for Premenstrual Disorders (IAPMD). She specializes in female reproductive health and the impact it has on women in the workplace. 

Living with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), Clare-Louise understands how challenging it can be to work with a menstrual health problem and is passionate about improving awareness and support in the workplace. She is also part of a government task-force addressing menstrual stigma and increasing education in the UK.

Clare’s vision for the workplace: ‘It’s time we stopped dismissing reproductive conditions as ‘women’s issues’ and treated them as serious workplace health concerns.’ 

Founded in 2018, See Her Thrive is on a mission to make reproductive health ‘normal’. They want employers and employees to be able to talk about menstrual, menopausal and related conditions without feeling embarrassed or squirming with discomfort.  

SEE HER THRIVE is empowering women by:  

  • Making employers recognize that female reproductive health can affect every woman of every age and at every stage of life 
  • Making conversations about reproductive health ‘normal’ in the workplace
  • Removing negative language and perceptions surrounding female reproductive health at work 
  • Creating fairer, more open and inclusive workplaces

Clare-Louise and her team are extremely proud to work with organisations that recognise that women are an essential part of their workforce and that female reproductive health matters. Improving the learning and development in this area of female health not only enhances the working life of thousands of women in the UK, it also improves output, productivity, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion. 

The work Clare is doing to advance women’s health as the priority it should be, is inspiring. This is a critical area of focus on the path to gender equality, and we are proud to feature her as part of The Empowered. And more importantly, we thank her for the work she is doing in this space!

Please take a moment to click the links below to learn about about SEE HER THRIVE and to follow Clare and her company’s journey.  



Social: @seeherthrive

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