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2020 February 10 - Antoniette Baraan

2020 Feb 10 - Antoniette Baraan Antoniette Baraan is our Empowered Female of the Week for the week for February 10, 2020!

Antoniette spent almost 18 years in a male dominated industry; construction. Antoniette started at an entry level position and went back to school early in her career for three nights a week, working full-time while raising a growing family.  Eventually, she worked her way up to where she wanted to be through hard work and discipline.

Despite this day and age and her many years of dedication to her career field, she found herself fighting every single day to earn the respect in the industry; the respect she felt was easily given to her male counterparts.

Antoniette spent her career with 3 different companies within the industry.  It didn’t matter where she was and how hard she worked or even how accomplished she was. She would never be part of the ‘boys club’ and earn the respect she felt she deserved.  After a long 18 year run, she decided enough was enough.  She felt it was time to turn things around and focus on what made her happy.  Family and photography.

She decided to take her side hustle and long time passion, photography, full-time. Instead of always worrying about making others happy, Antoniette is now putting herself and her family first and is succeeding.  She hasn’t looked back.

ASB-Photography is now in its 10th year of operation. Antoniette focuses on Family, Engagements and Boudoir. Her passion lies in Engagements and Boudoir specifically as she loves the connections and bonding she feels with the women she photographs.  The message she spreads is Empowered Women, Empower Women!

Her business has expanded so she’s hired a second photographer to help with the areas outside of her reach. Antoniette is following her passion and creating her own story for her life. She truly has embraced exactly what it is to be an empowered female!

To learn more about Antoniette and her photography passion, you’ll find her website and social handles below. We highly recommend you take a look and give a shout-out to this Empowered Female!

Facebook: @asbphotogs

Facebook: @asb-BOUDOIRboutique

Instagram: @asbphotogs

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