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Sophie Moore - Discussing Body Dysmorphia

Sophie Moore is a 28 year old woman from Devon in England. She has a degree in Drama and Theatre studies and a Diploma in Education and Teaching. She loves to workout, run, surf, skateboard and play hockey.

If you were to take a look at her Instagram feed you would think to yourself here is a young woman who is positive, fun, in incredible shape and beautiful. And those things she is, however, Sophie has a lesson for everyone that you should not judge a book by it’s cover. What seems perfect to someone may be something totally different to the next person. 

In 2018 Sophie became sick with depression and an eating disorder. She said it was weird for everyone around her to be told this as she was always the hyper, happy, bouncy one. Despite that, depression grabbed her, badly. 

Struggling for control over how she felt, Sophie turned to controlling the only thing she felt she could: food. She started to starve herself in an effort to change her body image in her own mind. Despite the seemingly enviable physique to others, Sophie’s mental illness made her feel inadequate and undesirable.  

During the middle of her eating disorder, Sophie ran The Virgin London Marathon. She did so on empty. Despite the lack of food she managed to complete the race in 4hrs 47mins, raising around £4,700 for The Brain Tumour Charity. She’s not actually sure how she managed to finish, so depleted were her energy stores and body. It was the beginning of the wake-up call. 

Seven months into the eating disorder, Sophie realised she needed help. She went to the doctor with her mum who had to hear her daughter has depression and an eating disorder. It was a difficult and heart-breaking moment. But Sophie was thankful for the support. 

They worked as a family and she started to work hard on trying to change her mindset. She started therapy and counselling, including hypnotherapy, and slowly over time started to get better. 

Two years later now and Sophie still has moments and triggers. She continues to suffer with body dysmorphia daily. COVID-19 has also had an impact. 

Through the start of lockdown Sophie  struggled and put on a bit of weight. She had a sudden moment of panic and anxiety when she realized this and responded by randomly going for an 8.5 mile run. It was a gut reaction to the scale, and not a wise one. Sophie admits she’s lucky she didn’t injure herself throwing her body into such a long work-out with preparation or notice. The mental struggle is something that she is always working to keep under control.

As the pandemic has continued, Sophie has promised to herself that she wouldn’t go back to that place and started to eat healthy and exercise. She made a commitment to herself again, and this was when she had the spark to stop helping!

Sophie decided she wants to help, inspire and motivate women like myself. She wants to help them realise they aren’t alone. That everyone is beautiful inside and out, no matter what our shape or size. 

She has transformed her social media presence on Instagram into one of hope and honesty. Showing the reality of Instagram-perfect versus real life reality! She wants to show young women that it’s ok to have imperfections, they are what makes us unique. And that even when you can make yourself look physically socially perfect, there will always be things you don’t like about yourself and that’s ok too. 

Sophie’s journey is one that many can relate to. We are very thankful for her courage in sharing it, so that she might help others also battling similar demons. Please take a moment to follow her on social media below. Her content is uplifting and sometimes brutally honest; but it is a refreshing change. And since changing tack, her follower count is exploding! 

Instagram: @sophimoore_fitness


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