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Claudia Veronica Cardenas - Founder of Dynamic Daughters

Please meet Claudia Veronica Cardenas! She is an adventure seeker, runner, community lover, Personal Life Coach, nurse and Founder of a female empowerment company named Dynamic Daughters!

If the name didn't give it away, surprise, Claudia is a proud Latina! Her father was born in Detroit, Michigan in the USA and her mother was born in beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico and became a naturalized citizen in her 20s. Neither of Claudia’s parents went to college but they always taught her the importance of honest work.

When Claudia was 14 her father was diagnosed with colon cancer and for a year she watched her best friend become weaker and weaker. He passed when she was 15, leaving behind her mother, who struggled with her english, to pay expensive medical bills and to raise both Claudia and her brother. 

This was an extremely difficult time in her life and they spent many years living below the poverty line. It felt as though for every 1 step everyone around her was taking, Claudia had to work harder and take 5 steps to arrive at the same destination. However, despite the challenges she had to overcome, Claudia says in retrospect, this time in her life was essential to her development and it was going to be the reason why she decided to spend her lifetime trying to make the world a better place.

Claudia truly believes that despite whatever obstacles you are faced with in life, if you have a strong education, a little optimism, and the willingness to move forward, you CAN and WILL overcome absolutely anything that life throws at you. That is one of the reasons why she felt called to become a Life Coach and  launch Dynamic Daughters. 

Dynamic daughters is an organization that is based in San Diego, California. They hold workshops, events, and personal coaching to empower young women through education and experience. Claudia’s goal is to make sure that girls are told at a very young age, Hey Girl, You CAN do this! Hey Girl, you ARE brave! Hey Girl, it’s OK to try something new, and not be good at it right away! She wants to help build character in young girls and give them a skillset that will prepare them for success in the future. Topics that are often discussed include public speaking, influencing, and even how to find the perfect partner.

She didn't always feel this empowered about empowering others. Experiencing her own empowering moments have inspired Claudia to to help others feel the same.

And this is just the start of Claudia’s amazing story! Find out more about how running marathons, climbing mountains (hopefully Mt. Everest is next!), becoming a nurse, and giving back to her community have inspired Claudia to inspire others, when she is featured on an upcoming episode of our podcast in the coming weeks! 

Claudia, you truly are an inspiration and embodiment of an empowered female. Thank you for sharing your story. 

To our readers, please take a moment to follow her social accounts below where you can find out more about the amazing things Claudia is working on and towards:

Instagram: @dynamic.daughters

Instagram (personal): @claudiaclaudiacardenas 


  • Hello Claudia

    My name is Kate Nash and I am an executive producer at Close up television. We are currently interviewing for our empowered women radio series and we are highlighting women from different aspects of coaching. I would love to speak with you at your convenience. Look forward to talking.


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