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Abigail Chenoweth - Wordwide Worker

Abi feels she has been very fortunate to have had positive experience upon positive experience even with only just turning 24 years old. She has lived in beautiful towns such as Windsor and Ascot, performed in St George’s Chapel, and worked with wonderful colleagues to encourage female international students to find their voice in their communities. These experiences have given her the confidence to flourish in people-orientated sectors and taught Abi not to be afraid of ambition.

Throughout, Abi has been unbelievably lucky to have strong female influences in her life that have kept her assured in the most difficult of times. Her mother, Ruth, is the most intelligent person and hardest grafter that Abi knows by far and her aunt, Denise, the strongest. 

When Abi  was 10 her grandad passed, shortly followed by her father and a few years later by her uncle. To say that this was a severe test would be an understatement, but it really brought the women together in her family with all of them suffering similar heart-breaking grief. 

She credits her grandmother especially in keeping the family together with her incredible thoughtfulness and immense support that helped everyone get back up on their feet. But tragedy was to strike soon again. Her aunt was then diagnosed with cancer and a few years later told to get her affairs in order. 

Abi started to feel the anxiety of her aunt’s diagnosis; however, her reaction was different. She automatically told the doctor ‘no not yet, I’m not going yet’. Her will to live was too strong. After a number of operations and radiotherapy, Abi’s aunt is now cancer free. 

These women taught Abi that absolutely anything is possible! And they were an important support network for Abi when she went on to study Japanese, in Japan. Abi lived in Fukuoka for a year where she studied Japanese literature and taught French and English to Asian students. 

Unfortunately during this time, Abi witnessed the old fashioned sexism that is still prominent in Japan. This motivated Abi to look at the treatment of women in different cultures. This was then the catalyst for reigniting her business on Instagram. 

The goal of her page is to educate young women (and men) to understand that sexism is still widespread and to facilitate a discussion on the ways that we might reduce social pressures that underpin gender inequalities. Abi is putting together a business plan that focuses on working with government organisations to consult on these very prominent issues both domestically within the UK and internationally via the UK’s international relations.

Abi is blessed to have found her passion in life at a young age. Through her travels and employment back home in the hospitality sector, she has seen the good and the bad of gender equality and inequality. Her inspiration stems from her family history of strong women, but her own life experiences now form the basis of her motivation to help be a part of the change towards gender equality. 

We are very thankful Abi shared her story with us. We are excited to see what the future holds for this young woman as she endeavours to leave her own mark on the world. 

Please take a moment to learn more about Abi and her work by following her socials and visiting her website via the links below:

Instagram: @theworldwideworker



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