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Brittany Elizabeth Alice - Founder, Female CEO, SophroSync

Brittany Elizabeth Alice is the founder of Female CEO, SophroSYNC Fitness, a personal trainer and nutrition coach and a Miss Universe Canada 2020 contestant. She is, in a word, busy! 

Brittany’s mission is to create a network that helps women. It started with her own fitness journey. Originally she didn’t take her physical health as seriously as she does now. She felt the realities of a poor diet and lack of exercise and decided a change needed to happen.

Starting her journey as a personal trainer, Brittany realized that instead of being tied to one specific gym, she preferred the freedom of working for herself. She also started to understand that she could impact more women in a way that was unique to her. 

Brittany received her Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma, Applied Nutrition Science Diploma and ACE Personal Training Certification in early 2015. Since that point she has added her Fascial Mobility & Massage Practitioner certifications. 

This was the start of her business career. Launching her personal brand, Brittany learned how to grow your social following while staying true to herself. She followed that up by launching her own fitness and nutrition brand, SophroSYNC fitness, which also saw remarkable growth. 

She now takes online coaching clients, writes wellness e-books and has started to provide delivery-based meal prep services in the Calgary area. 

Part of her coaching profile is to teach young entrepreneurs how to grow an online following. Brittany helps them learn their true audience, how to engage and speak with them, and what sort of content best matches their brands and messaging.

Now that she was running her own businesses, Brittany realized that there weren’t as many female entrepreneurs and CEOs as there should be. Researching into the Candian business scene, Brittany discovered some startling statistics. 

In Canada women hold only 25% of all Vice President positions. It’s even less for CEO level jobs; only 15% of those positions are held by women. Brittany wanted to help foster a sense of community and empowerment with female entrepreneurs and career builders to show that women deserve a seat at the table as well in the corner office. 

It was at this point that she created and launched Female CEO.

Brittany’s mission is to create awareness around the need to have more females in positions of authority and power in Canadian businesses. To that end, Brittany is using her entry as a Miss Universe Canada contestant to further her goal of awareness and empowerment. 

We are so happy to be able to share Brittany’s story! We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the decades to come. 

Please take a moment to follow Brittany’s social channels below to keep up to date with everything that she is working on and the networks she is building!

Brittany Elizabeth Alice: @beliizabeth
SophroSYNC: @sophrosyncyyc
FemaleCEO: @_femaleceo


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