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Keira Kroin, Founder of CEO & SPIRIT

Keira Kroin grew up in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. As a child and throughout high school and college she was a star athlete and volleyball player. Her life dream was to play in the Olympics and Keira was surely headed in that direction through countless hours of practice and hard work she put into her sport.

Unfortunately due to hormonal imbalances and physiological structure not on her side, Keira ended up having 4 separate knee surgeries. After this happened she was not only physically unable to play volleyball, but mentally and emotionally had become a mess. 

Volleyball was Keira’s life and dream and she now found herself having to quickly adjust to a new normal. As much of a strong will as she had, it would never be enough to allow herto play at the level she wanted to. The dream was gone. That loss triggered a deep depression, loss of direction, and a severe anger towards her own body. Keira felt like it had given up on her and she was so angry at it.

After this experience, Keira dove deeply into Holistic Health. She wanted to learn how to heal herself because of the pain she was experiencing, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Keira wanted to find a feel complete again without volleyball in her life. So she began exploring the world of Alternative Medicine, became certified in Yoga and Pilates, got a degree in Holistic Health and followed newfound passions. 

Keira started her first company, an organic herbal skincare brand, in 2017. In 2018 once the company was off the ground she decided she wanted to travel and live more of a “laptop lifestyle”. Keira took the money from this company to fund her travels and started her journey as a Holistic Lifestyle and Business Coach. 

In this she found success working and living all across southeast Asia in Bali, Thailand, and now Sri Lanka. Since then Keira has founded a second skincare company, MOON + BLUE and an online web portal empowering women to start their own businesses online based in spirituality, creativity, and self-love. 

Keira believes that every woman deserves to feel like they are worthy of living a life full of abundance, happiness and the power to dictate their own life decisions. As a well-seasoned entrepreneur, she now teaches women 1-on-1, and through her online platform, CEO & SPIRIT, on how to make their dreams come to life through merging soulful living and business methods. 

We admire Keir’s determination after the loss of her initial dream. Her story of finding new purpose, inspiration and passions is a great motivational lesson for all of us. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Keira. And we strongly urge our readers to please check out her social channels and website which are listed below.

Instagram Personal: @naturalbornkeira


Business IG: @ceoandspirit 

Facebook: Keira Kroin


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