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Sadie Pulman - Trustee for The Safe Foundation, Miss Wales contestant

Sadie Pulman has led a lifetime of experiences while only being in her mid 20s. She’s travelled the world helping females of all ages in developing nations understand what gender equality is; she’s a Trustee for The Safe Foundation, and she’s also a competitor for Miss Wales 2020. All this on top of having a day job, working on her personal brand, and working to inspire young girls to chase their dreams.

Sadie believes her strength, courage and kindness come from her mother. Her mother, Mel, was loved by many and widely known for her generosity, creativity and always seeing the best in people. She pushed Sadie to chase her dreams, stand up for what is right and to push herself even when it’s scary. 

Sadly, when Sadie was 18 her mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and later passed away when Sadie was just 20 years old. Sadie has struggled with bouts of depression and anxiety since this but has found comfort in helping others and living by the quote- ‘When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine’. 

At 18, seeking ways to do something positive following the difficult news of her mother's diagnosis, she applied to go on an educational project to Sierra Leone with The Safe Foundation. Her application was successful and during this project, Sadie learnt about life skills, HIV/aids, nutrition and gender equality and in turn, was able to take this information and teach young girls in Sierra Leone about these topics as part of her mission on this project. 

Realising the dire situations that can occur globally when gender equality is not present, she became focused on female empowerment and raising awareness about the issues women face. She wanted to make that mission part of her core being.

Fast forward to the now-age of 26, Sadie has been on multiple trips to India and led a project working with, and creating a business for, a group of 20 widows in Swaziland. She is now on the board of trustees for The Safe Foundation, making regular decisions about funding and projects ensuring to always put the beneficiaries needs above all else. 

The charity supports a wide range of international development projects in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Sadie is also currently competing in Miss Wales 2020 having been involved with pageants for a number of years. She was recently inspired by Miss Wales to hold her own free International Women’s Day event to give back to the women who have inspired her in life. 

Sadie believes pageantry is often misrepresented in the media and has evolved a lot over the years. She sees pageantry as a platform to raise vital funds and awareness for a variety of causes. It has also given her a community of strong, like minded women that inspire her, motivate her and have been key in getting her through some of the most difficult times in her life. 

You can follow her pageant journey via Instagram (link below) where she regularly posts about female empowerment, body confidence and current issues. As an example, a recent post highlighted the rise of domestic abuse during the lockdown period along with useful sources of support for victims as well as educational sources for those who aren’t.

Sadie is a change-maker in the world and we applaud her for making a difference. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and we’re humbled to feature your story on our website. 

Please take a moment to check out Sadie’s social profiles below so you can learn more about the initiatives she is involved in:

Instagram: @sadiepulman

Safe Foundation Instagram: @safe_foundation


Twitter: @safefoundation


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