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Kelly Tamplin - Co-Founder of Complete Confidence Makeover

Kelly Tamplin is an accredited Confidence Coach, NLP Practitioner and Founder/Owner of Complete Confidence Makeover. On top of that, she is a former model and a current Miss Universe Great Britain Finalist. 

Kelly’s path towards helping people started in her late teen years. As she approached her 20s, Kelly suffered from extreme depression and self-loathing. In fact, it was so bad, she had suicidal thoughts at one point.  

Eventually, Kelly, hit a moment that can be ascribed as rock-bottom, which eventually jarred her into realizing she has value and worth and she needed to get help.  

Amazingly, as she was coming out of this, Kelly entered modelling. A remarkable decision considering those industries are not necessarily kind to people who suffer from body-image and self-confidence issues.  

But her struggles gave her strength. And Kelly used what she learned from her battles with mental health issues, to hold true to her desires and goals for what modelling were to be for her. She developed a thick skin by understanding that not everyone was going to love her body, and that’s ok, because she now loves her body herself.

As Kelly transitioned to pageantry she realized she wanted to do something more; she wanted to help people. And she realized that pageantry has such a bad reputation compared to reality. Kelly dove into what a pageant contestant has to do and really started focusing on helping people through charitable work. 

Through the contacts she made, and experiences she had, (including spending some time living in China), Kelly formed Complete Confidence Makeover. It’s a coaching company that helps women regain their confidence. Kelly’s goal is to help empower women to feel confident from the inside-out! 

Kelly now is running workshops, seminars and meetings to help women gain their confidence, self-belief and voice. Although COVID has slowed down the ability to perform in-person events, Kelly is still very active with her community hosting online meetings. Her mission is to make women feel confident to go after their goals; and she’s well on her way to making a massive impact!  

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Kelly. We’d really appreciate it if everyone took a moment to check out Kelly’s social feeds below. She posts amazing content on there around confidence, self-believe, self-love and going after your dreams!  

Instagram: @completeconfidencemakeover

Instagram: @kelly_tamplin 

Facebook: @completeconfidencemakeover


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