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Karen Craggs-Milne - Founder of Conscious Equality

A proud Kenyan Canadian, Karen Craggs-Milne is a recognized leading global expert with over 20 years of international experience promoting equity, diversity, gender equality and inclusion. Growing up in a multicultural household, Karen grew up in the context of love and embracing difference. However, she realized once she stepped outside of the safety and comfort of her home, that the world was a different place.

Karen moved to Canada on her own for post-secondary school. After graduating, she started working with organizations with an emphasis on gender equality. She realized immediately this was her passion. And that the world had a lot of work that was needed in this area.

She was named a #GlobalLinkedinSuperhero (June 2020), an Obama White House recognized Gender Equality Changemaker (2016) and a Global Goodwill Ambassador for Sustainable Development Goals (2018). After a nearly life-threatening car accident, Karen started to question how she wanted to spend her time.

Knowing that she still loved her work, but wanted to balance it better with her family life, Karen started exploring how to continue her work on gender equality and inclusion within her own business. This is how Conscious Equality was born!

Karen is a leading go-to expert for organizations that are serious about ‘getting equality work right’. As Founder and CEO of Conscious Equality Incorporated, Karen works globally with NGOs, Corporations, and Governments to deliver on their equality mandates intentionally and with real impact.

Karen has helped design and raise close to half a billion dollars for global programming to end poverty and address issues of gender equality, female empowerment and inclusion around the world. Her work has touched millions of men, women and children and she has trained hundreds of people on how to bring the principle of conscious equality to life in their lives and work.

Whether it is under a tree in a rural village in Ghana or in a boardroom with C-Suite Executives, Karen’s authentic and engaging approach promises to educate, transform and inspire you into meaningful action.

We are so happy Karen shared her story with us. Please check out our interview with Karen coming soon!

Also please take a moment to check out Karen’s links below. She invites you to say hello and engage with her.

Instagram: @karen_craggs

LinkedIn: @karencraggs

Twitter: @KarenCraggs


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