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Jillian Kruschell - Founder, HYPE GIRL Coaching

We’d like the empowered nation to meet Jillian Kruschell; owner of HYPE GIRL Coaching. Jillian founded and runs her life coaching practice with the goal of empowering women to step into their power and improve their lives.  

She is passionate about working with women in this capacity because Jillian herself came through a very dark place that she knows many women can relate to. In her late 20s she found herself deeply depressed and incredibly anxious.  

She was married to a pathological narcissist and allowing abusive behaviour; she was going down a career path she was unhappy in, living far away from her loved ones and using substances to numb her way through every-day life.  

Through a long process of personal growth, Jillian learned to embrace her true identity instead of trying to be what others wanted. She was able to take responsibility for her happiness and became empowered to transform her life into something she wanted to do every day. 

Check out Jillians answers below to our empowerment questions. And please, take a moment to check out what she does to help women at 

What does empowerment mean to you?

Being empowered is feeling free to be exactly who you are! To operate from a place of complete authenticity regardless of the opinions of others. I believe that when we are empowered to be raw and genuine and we discover our special talents and have the opportunity to truly shine.


What gets you truly excited about life?

The knowledge that I have power in the present moment to change ANYTHING that I don’t like about my current state. It is never too late! No matter how long you’ve done something, tomorrow you can do something else. That can be scary for a lot of people, but for me the knowledge that I never have to accept unhappiness is exhilarating.


What will your success look like? 

Success for me looks like making a positive impact. Helping my clients improve their lives brings me so much joy. I want to make the important people in my life feel loved and special. I want to bring information and perspective into conversations that will help others approach life with optimism, compassion and ownership. As cliché as it sounds, I want to leave the world a better place than I found it.


What motivates you to do your very best? 

The knowledge that life is fleeting, and we have a limited opportunity to squeeze as much as possible out of our time on earth. There is no room for procrastination when tomorrow isn’t promised. I want to live every day in such a way that if it was my last I would have no regrets moving onwards.


What advice do you have for people who are trying to achieve their dreams and goals? 

You are so capable of achieving everything you’ve ever dreamed of, but you are not entitled to it. Be prepared to learn, work, wait, and even fail along the way. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Focus on taking small steps forward and one day you will find yourself farther than you ever imagined you would be.

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