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FEM T-Shirt
FEM T-Shirt
FEM T-Shirt

FEM T-Shirt

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The phrase that started it all. The iconic message on which we are founded. This is our signature piece. The shirt is casual and comfortable, but bold and unmistakable in its meaning. Those who wear this are resolute in their support of the equality of all and that empowering women will make the world a better place. 

With a full imprint across the chest, there is nothing subtle about this shirt. With a conversation starting message on the front, signature logo tag on the back outside collar and discreet #FEM on the sleeve, this shirt is designed to show you support the mission. 

Featuring a tapered cut, with side seam, shallow neckline and capped sleeves. This shirt is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

Materials: 100% cotton.
Care and details: 100% cotton.

WE BELIEVE IN GENDER EQUALITY. Using thought provoking messaging, our goal is to bring attention to gender disparity and challenge the status quo to be inclusive and equal.

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The Empowered

Jillian Kruschell - Founder, HYPE GIRL Coaching

We’d like the empowered nation to meet Jillian Kruschell; owner of HYPE GIRL Coaching. Jillian founded and runs her life coaching practice with the goal of empowering women to step into their power and improve their lives.

She is passionate about working with women in this capacity because Jillian herself came through a very dark place that she knows many women can relate to. In her late 20s she found herself deeply depressed and incredibly anxious.

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